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Is this ethical?

Yes. See: https://www.ncbar.gov/for-lawyers/ethics/adopted-opinions/2001-formal-ethics-opinion-2/?opinionSearchTerm=referral%20fee.

this seems RISKY, can i SPEAK WITH someone else?

Yes, if you don’t already have a contact at Lawyer’s Mutual or the North Carolina Bar Association, we’ll get you connected with them. They would be happy to share their perspective in answering your questions about lawyer coworking and shared law practice management.

Is there a long term commitment?

No. Never. All subscriptions are month-to-month because we know your needs vary.

So tell me how each subscription works.

We’re about solving a small law firm’s number one operating expense: space. We exist to provide scalable and variable workspace solutions to help you grow your law practice. We start with a virtual membership (mailbox, discounted conference room access, one free monthly drop-in, free CLEs) and move to more space-dependent solutions (coworking and private office space subscriptions). The point is this: from a space standpoint, we are your law office solution.

Once we identify and implement a space solution, we work to identify solutions to minimize other operating expenses by providing variable, scalable, month-to-month support to grow your law practice from coworking spaces around the world.

why is COLAW a good idea?

From a business perspective, lawyers, even those adverse to each other, are better together. Clio published a survey finding that 68% of new client generation came from either an online search engine or a referral from another attorney. CoLaw provides lawyers with a duality of online presence. It creates a digital ecosystem facilitating organic referral opportunities. We believe the pendulum has swung too far in the direction of the non-human, automated legal solution. Clients still value humans. We, the human lawyers, just need to be a little more accessible. CoLaw faciliates and enhances that accessibility.

I want to learn more?

Email [email protected] or call 980.253.1212. We’ll schedule a time to talk and you can take it from there.