What If?

What if, with the cost of one membership fee, you had a place to practice law from multiple coworking spaces with the option of month-to-month law practice management to support your variable needs? What if, when you traveled to another city, you had access to a coworking space in that city? What if there was a law practice management company that helped ensure your coworking space was conducive to scaling and growing your business? What if you no longer signed a long term commercial lease because you realized space dependence is tantamount to a tether?

On April 1, you no longer have to ask, “what if” because the above (and more) is or will be possible.

If you’re a lawyer or someone whose business supports lawyers (such as an alternative legal services provider), email us.

And when you email us, don’t be surprised to learn that CoLaw is more than space. We can be the support system that exists to help grow your business in coworking spaces. We make coworking spaces more accessible and, when accessed, more conducive to growing your law practice or law-related business.

Ask us about:

  • Client intake and CRM support;

  • Professional development programming;

  • Digital infrastructure analysis and support;

  • Business development initiatives;

  • Legal technology consulting and deployment;

  • File management support;

  • Phone management support;

  • Legal research support;

  • Bookkeeping and accounting support;

  • Document review support; and

  • Due diligence support.

And, don’t worry, CoLaw is practice area agnostic because we have identified (and will continue to identify) ubiquitous solutions specifically tailored to growing your practice. More importantly, if you identify a solution that you want to deploy, we’ll chase it down and assist in the deployment. Think of CoLaw as your law practice management “runner.”

That’s it. It’s that easy. Why is it that easy? Because practicing law is hard. The ancillary “stuff” doesn’t have to be.

So, we’re here to help and we can’t wait to meet you.

[For you first-moving, early adopters out there, we have a founding member promotion to recognize your pioneering spirit.]

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