Lawyers Mutual: Making a Live Podcast CLE Possible

Lawyers Mutual: Making a Live Podcast CLE Possible

On September 18, 2019, at 6pm, CoLaw in collaboration with the Charlotte Women’s Bar (“CWB”), the North Carolina Civil Collaborative Law Association (“NCCCLA”), Lawyers Mutual, CaseWorks, Lawpods, Charlotte Readers Podcast, and the Mecklenburg County Bar (“MCB”) are having a live podcast CLE featuring Landis Wade and Heidi Brown to discuss the power of introversion in the legal profession.

For thirty-five years (plus or minus), Landis made a career of being a commercial litigator at some of Charlotte’s largest and most respected law firms. Heidi has made a career out of impacting the lives of law students and the legal professional positively through her work as a law professor and as the author of two books published by the American Bar Association—The Introverted Lawyer and Untangling Fear in Lawyering.

The stories Landis and Heidi will share are real. The platform to share those stories would not be available if not for the Charlotte Women’s Bar, NCCCLA, Lawyers Mutual, CaseWorks, Lawpods, and MCB. Over the next week, we’re devoting this space—The Human Lawyer space—to them.

Lawyers Mutual 

The short story on Lawyers Mutual is this: they are the leading professional malpractice insurance carrier in North Carolina for lawyers—founded by lawyers, curated by lawyers, for lawyers. That synergy helps deliver on its value proposition, which they would tell you is to be a company that does more than just insure a risk. They work tirelessly to be partners with their clients. 

The long-tail answer for Lawyers Mutual is best shared via their annual report. Who has time to read a report, right? Wrong. We encourage you to take a look when you have a chance. Some highlights from the Report:

  • Lawyers Mutual formed two subsidiaries to provide greater value to insureds: Lawyers Mutual Consulting and Services and LM Title Agency. The former focuses on helping lawyers thrive in an evolving marketplace. The latter helps real estate professionals with real-time advice from trained and experienced real estate professionals.

  • Lawyers Mutual sold its interest in its home office building and executed a lease for 30% less space with one goal in mind: to be more judicious stewards of insureds’ premiums thereby increasing policyholder dividends. 

  • Policyholder dividends increased by approximately 23% in 2018. 

  • Lawyers Mutual continues to be vigilant in its focus on cybercrime, which includes developing risk mitigation strategies helping lawyers avoid unforeseen or unknown pitfalls in an evolving marketplace. 

Lawyers Mutual has many players. As any successful organization succeeds on the strengths of the individuals bringing life to that organization, here’s who you should know: 

Wherever you are in your practice—solo, small, partner at a mid-size law firm, or BigLaw—the point is the same: we are stronger together. There is strength in numbers. But we’re only as strong if resources and the knowledge-sharing marketplace is leveraged strategically. So connect with these folks. They’d love to hear from you, and more importantly, they’d love to help. 

If you want to know more about Lawyers Mutual and how their services are amplified by lawyers in North Carolina communities, take a look at their community board members. For example, if you’re in Asheville, check out Jackie Grant. In Charlotte? Look up Tricia Derr. In eastern North Carolina, talk to Stewart Poisson or Jerry Allen. Whether it’s arguing before the North Carolina Supreme Court, growing one of the largest women-owned law firms in North Carolina, serving as president of the North Carolina Bar Association, or growing and managing an active trial practice, these folks understand how Lawyers Mutual fits into the broader picture of growing a law practice and running a law firm. In short, they’re ambassadors. The practice of law and Lawyers Mutual’s offerings to insureds are enhanced by them.

CoLaw sincerely thanks Lawyers Mutual for its support of the live podcast CLE on Wednesday, 9/18, at 1026 Jay Street from 6p to 7p. It really wouldn’t be possible without them.

Interested in attending; sign up here.  

North Carolina Civil Collaborative Law Association: Making a Live Podcast CLE Possible

North Carolina Civil Collaborative Law Association: Making a Live Podcast CLE Possible