Lawpods: Making a Live Podcast CLE Possible

Lawpods: Making a Live Podcast CLE Possible

On September 18, 2019, at 6pm, CoLaw in collaboration with the Charlotte Women’s Bar (“CWB”), the North Carolina Civil Collaborative Law Association (“NCCCLA”), Lawyers Mutual, CaseWorks, Lawpods, Charlotte Readers Podcast, and the Mecklenburg County Bar (“MCB”) are having a live podcast CLE featuring Landis Wade and Heidi Brown to discuss the power of introversion in the legal profession.

For thirty-five years (plus or minus), Landis made a career of being a commercial litigator at some of Charlotte’s largest and most respected law firms. Heidi has made a career out of impacting the lives of law students and the legal professional positively through her work as a law professor and as the author of two books published by the American Bar Association—The Introverted Lawyer and Untangling Fear in Lawyering.

The stories Landis and Heidi will share are real. The platform to share those stories would not be available if not for the Charlotte Women’s Bar, NCCCLA, Lawyers Mutual, CaseWorks, Lawpods, and MCB. Over the next week, we’re devoting this space—The Human Lawyer space—to them.


Lawpods is a branded podcast business. Founded by Robert Ingalls, Lawpods helps lawyers set up a podcast, and after setting one up, it helps lawyers create content and organize “show notes” (pardon the jargon), to elevate a lawyer’s digital presence. If the future of law is now, Lawpods (and others like it) represent the now.

To understand the value of the podcasting industry, let’s take a brief tour. It’s probably fair to say that, just two years ago, the industry was new and shiny, marked by the success of Serial, which seemed cute and fun. It’s not all fun and games anymore.

In May 2018, NPR acquired Pocket Casts, which is considered by some to be one of the best mobile apps for podcast listening. In a joint press release, the companies declared: “This unprecedented collaboration further public radio’s leading role as an innovator in audio discovery and distribution, while ensuring the continued support and growth of one of the most popular listening platforms on the market.”

In September 2018, Marketplace reported that the podcast industry in China is estimated to be worth $7.3 billion dollars. Yep, that’s right: billion. Comparatively, the United States podcasting industry, whose primary revenue stream is advertising (unlike the Chinese subscription-based offerings), reported revenue of $314 million last year. China researchers estimate that the pay-for-knowledge economy is a multibillion-dollar industry fueled by a desire for focused information; the need to refresh skills in a highly competitive job market; the ease of mobile payments; and, of course, FOMO—the fear of missing out.

Then there’s the really small company called Spotify, who agreed to purchase Gimlet, a podcast producing company, for an estimated purchase price of more than $200 million. Spotify predicts that more than 20% of its future listening will eventually be “non-music content.” Through this acquisition, Spotify has declared that it desires to be the “Netflix of audio.” Wanting to outdo itself, Spotify then acquired Anchor, which is a business that creates products to simplify the process of recording and earning money from podcasts. And then (forgive the Dude Where’s My Car reference), Spotify acquired Parcast—a bootstrapped, father-son podcast best known for true-crime and other factual serials in genres like mystery, science fiction, and history.

And there’s Luminary Media, the Chicago-based subscription podcast network with exclusive content, that raised $60 million dollars to preserve the independence of its “star-studded podcasts.” Luminary charges $8/month of ad-free access to personalities such as Malcolm Gladwell and Conan O’Brien.

Even a female-focused wellness company known for its sarcastic, satirical, sometimes misleading marketing tactics (we’re looking at you Goop) is dipping its toes in the podcasting space. Why? To engage dudes.

This brief snapshot is only to say that CoLaw is super excited to have Lawpods as a sponsor for the CLE featuring Landis and Heidi’s live podcast. It just makes sense. The future of law is now, and tomorrow’s frontier will look far different than today’s marketplace. In the midst of technological disruption, we believe there will be greater value on the individual. The marketplace will only be aware of that value if your story is shared.

CoLaw sincerely thanks Lawpods for its support of the live podcast CLE on Wednesday, 9/18, at 1026 Jay Street from 6p to 7p. It really wouldn’t be possible without them.

Interested in attending; sign up here.

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