Independence 4 Independents

Independence 4 Independents


As lawyers, we read a lot about the disintegration (or, evolution) of the traditional law firm model: here, here, here, and here are some examples. There’s more (a lot more), but you get the point.

Or, you may read about law firms developing incubators so resources can be devoted to thought-leading and disruptive applications, without overburdening or distracting fee earners from revenue-generating activities: a collaborative approach here; a European approach here; and a directory of American approaches here.

So the legal marketplace’s evolution teaches us about how a “platform” fits into the model of delivery. Analyzing how a “platform” enhances the monetization of core functions and gives rise to ancillary opportunities is an ongoing activity. Maybe a metaphor brings home the point?

Let’s take Lady Liberty as the metaphorical example. She represents (to name a few): hope, a new beginning, a blank slate, freedom, and courage. Those representations are made possible by her visibility. Flying into LGA, you see her. Driving (or walking) over the Brooklyn Bridge, you see her. Board your boat at Pier 15, you see her. Lady Liberty’s visibility is made possible (or enhanced) by her platform. She rests atop a pedestal measuring 154 feet. She measures approximately 350 from the base of the pedestal to the tip of her torch. So her pedestal is larger than she is. So, surely her pedestal/platform is more important than her? Hardly! Nope, we’d agree that Lady Liberty’s platform enhances her resonance; increases her visibility. We’d also agree that her platform (or pedestal in her case) is worthless without Lady Liberty resting atop.

So, when we talk and think about platforms; we’re really talking about enhancement and visibility. A “law firm” is a platform. CoLaw is a platform. Coworking spaces are platforms. Employers pitch that they, too, are platforms of professional development and career advancement. But, platforms don’t exist without people; without buy-in; without trust. A 154-foot pedestal is meaningless without Lady Liberty. So while we all need platforms; while we choose our platforms; and we leverage our platforms. We must be reminded (self-talk) that a platform exists to enhance or expand your visibility and impact. If your platform is doing neither, then it’s either a “you” problem or an “it” problem.

Here’s what this means from CoLaw’s perspective: we continue to believe (strongly) that inflexible real estate solutions are antithetical to an independent lawyer’s best value proposition: the capacity to go where there clients are and be present/visible in their respective communities. Holed up in an ivory tower serves neither value proposition. We also believe that CoLaw can help support you and your firm without having to expand your real estate footprint (more on that soon). In short, we believe independents can have a platform, too.

So, for the month of July, if you subscribe to a CoLaw workspace solution, you’ll receive:

  1. Your 12th month free;

  2. 10% off; and

  3. A free month for every subscriber you refer during your first subscription year.

That’s it. That easy. Interested? Let us know.

The Human Lawyer: Kelley Gondring

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