CoLaw is asked the “why” question consistently (like: every day). The question goes like this: why do we (lawyers/law practice professionals/law companies) need CoLaw; couldn’t we simply access workspace solutions independent of CoLaw?

The answer to the latter question is: yes. Certainly, you can evaluate, access, and negotiate flexible workspace arrangements in much the same way you can serve as your own financial planner, wealth management advisor, or law practice management advisor. Your capacity to do any (or all) of the above depends on the time you can devote to the task. Depending on the amount of time you can (or cannot) devote, you accept a certain amount of risk for the possibility of overspending on, or misidentifying, a workspace solution. For some, that’s a risk worth taking. And that’s OK!

But, there’s a middle ground—an unserved or underserved market. Yea, we’re looking at you: lawyers, law practice professionals, and law companies. So, here’s the why answer (and, full disclosure, it took us awhile to refine the message and understand what the market—YOU—really values). Why CoLaw? Because we reduce operating expenses.

In other words, you spend less money to actually make money. More time and better margins. Sounds terrible (read: sarcasm). So let’s walk through a few scenarios:

Lawyer A - The Virtual Lawyer

  • Fact Pattern: You may be a lawyer who has a practice outside the greater Charlotte area, but your practice brings you to the market with varying frequency. You may have a desire to grow your practice, but you likely want to do so with a workspace solution and support consistent with your goals. In other words, you may want a virtual presence in this market, but you’re afraid of spending “good money on bad” on a solution that may not help you establish a presence in a foreign market.

  • The Solution: Vlawfice (Virtual + Conference) = access to 8 conference rooms in multiple locations; mail support; referral opportunities within multiple coworking ecosystems; premium Uptown address; and online presence through CoLaw with a link to your website.

    • Cost = $175/mo

Lawyer B - The Home Office Lawyer

  • Fact Pattern: Your home office is pretty much thebomb.com (disclaimer: that’s a made up domain for illustrative purposes only). When you leave your home office, your work tank is filled with regret as you lament how inadequate every other option will be. (To date, you’ve never been proven wrong.) However, at home, you sometimes find yourself lonely or distracted. You yearn for more connectivity and the possibility of being more proximate to the people you serve (read: your clients). Perhaps, you sit in your home office humming Part of Your World, wistfully thinking, "I wanna be where the people are"? However, you don’t want to work in an open space (think: coffee shop) because you are concerned (rightly so) about the confidentiality needs of your law practice or law-related business.

  • The Solution: Flex Private = access to private offices and conference rooms in multiple locations around Charlotte to facilitate convenient client meetings; IT support to ensure the privacy of your activity within flexible workspace ecosystems; integration into coworking communities to facilitate organic (and authentic) business development opportunities; and web presence through CoLaw with a link to your website.

    • Cost = Starts at $275/mo for five guaranteed full-day reservations each month with first-come, first served access on every other day of the month.

Lawyer C - The Growing Firm Lawyer

  • Fact Pattern: You’re a small, but growing firm. Your success is a blessing and (in some ways) a curse. You’ve either outgrown, or are dangerously close to outgrowing, your current space. But, oh the nostalgia, your success was birthed in your current space. Must you leave? Must you find larger space and sign a long term lease? Um, no!?!?

  • The Solution: Dedicated Flex = one office dedicated to your firm with first come, first served access to every other office in the CoLaw portfolio facilitating the flexible growth of your team and empowering a true “work from anywhere” value proposition.

    • Cost = Starts at $800/mo. (varies on location).

Lawyer D - The Overworked, Understaffed Lawyer (read: Everyone?)

  • Fact Pattern: Your practice (or business) is document intensive. Handling documents does not make you money. You can’t bill for it. You spend too much time doing it. And you hate it. You may dream about the day when you can tell someone (anyone, Bueller?) to make a template and revise a template, but then have the freedom to terminate the engagement when you’re “done with them.” To make matters worse, it has been difficult locating and retaining humans to help support your growing law practice. The frequency of staff turnover imposes a burden on your practice that you simply wish to avoid.

  • The Solution (by way of example only): Document Automation Management and File Management Support = month-to-month, unlimited document template creations with shared access to a secure file management platform and support in creating customized workflows and integrations to increase the efficiency of your practice (or business).

    • Cost = $750/mo.

So that’s the why answer. Simply put: we help you spend less. Because if you spend less to make more, that’s a good thing, right? By curating, developing, delivering, and implementing uniquely-tailored law practice management solutions, CoLaw empowers you to make money by spending less.

Have questions? Want to connect? Good, we do too. Do it here.

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The Human Lawyer: Heidi K. Brown

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The Human LawyerS: Blood Drive