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Independence 4 Independents


As lawyers, we read a lot about the disintegration (or, evolution) of the traditional law firm model: here, here, here, and here are some examples. There’s more (a lot more), but you get the point.

Or, you may read about law firms developing incubators so resources can be devoted to thought-leading and disruptive applications, without overburdening or distracting fee earners from revenue-generating activities: a collaborative approach here; a European approach here; and a directory of American approaches here. What does that have to do with Lady Liberty?

The Human Lawyer: Kelley Gondring

From headstands to French macarons, Kelley Gondring personifies the human lawyer experience. Kelley lives her life working relentlessly to defend the rights of the accused or preserve the future connectivity of broken families. She also lives her life as a wife, a mother, a runner, and a cycler. She makes intentional choices that allow her to live life her own way. Kelley’s story highlights the path to goal achievement through intentionality. Read Kelley’s story, in her words.