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Simon Sinek advises that we should find our why? Here’s CoLaw’s why? Simply put, we help you (lawyers, legal service providers, law companies) spend less. That’s it. Quite simple. Reduce overhead. Want to know more? We’ll walk you through some hypothetical scenarios (with GIFs of course).

The Human Lawyer: Landis Wade

Do you remember choosing to attend law school? Do you remember your earnest encouragers stating: “You can do anything with a law degree. What a great decision!” Do you remember graduating from law school, passing the bar, and folding into whatever line of work you thought you should do as a lawyer? Do you remember those existential thoughts as you reflected on the comments of your earnest encouragers: “What virtue! Those people lied. Lawyers can’t do “anything” with a law degree. All I’m set out for is exactly what I’m doing.”

Well, meet Landis Wade. Read his story. We all have inflection points in our lives. Learn what Landis chose at his inflection.

The Human Lawyer: Kate Kleibert

Kate Kliebert’s life epitomizes the phrase: “ain’t no mountain high, ain’t no river wide, and ain’t no valley low enough . . . .” From the Louisiana flats, to the Colorado Rocky mountains, to 100 feet underwater, Kate sees the world. Building on her collective and diverse experiences, Kate helps small and medium-sized business navigate regulatory minefields in a variety of contexts. But, more importantly, Kate knows there is more to her life than the good work she does for her clients as their lawyer. Want to know more? Read Kate’s story, in her words.

April 1 - Not Every Battle Must Be Fought Alone

On April 1st, wherever you are or wherever you want to be, we want to be there. Let CoLaw make space easy for you. We have availability at 1026 Jay Street (FreMoreWest) and 101 South Tryon (Uptown). We can elevate and enhance the platform of your firm through integrated access to multiple coworking spaces with law practice development support to help manage your practice within those respective spaces.

Just because we (lawyers) have always practiced a certain way, doesn’t mean we need to continue practicing the same way. We look forward to hearing from you and we can’t wait to meet you.

The Human Lawyer: Erika Mielke

Erika Mielke shows that to be special, you must be candid in assessing where your skills are (or would be) valued in the marketplace. Then, you must make room in your life to develop and showcase those skills, even when it means dominating a 6’5” human in a rowing competition. Erika’s story reminds us that just because a person looks like something, doesn’t mean the person is that something. Often, a person is so much more than her outward appearance.