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Independence 4 Independents


As lawyers, we read a lot about the disintegration (or, evolution) of the traditional law firm model: here, here, here, and here are some examples. There’s more (a lot more), but you get the point.

Or, you may read about law firms developing incubators so resources can be devoted to thought-leading and disruptive applications, without overburdening or distracting fee earners from revenue-generating activities: a collaborative approach here; a European approach here; and a directory of American approaches here. What does that have to do with Lady Liberty?


Simon Sinek advises that we should find our why? Here’s CoLaw’s why? Simply put, we help you (lawyers, legal service providers, law companies) spend less. That’s it. Quite simple. Reduce overhead. Want to know more? We’ll walk you through some hypothetical scenarios (with GIFs of course).

What If?

What if, with one membership, you had access to multiple coworking locations? What if you had law practice management support to help you scale and grow your practice in multiple coworking spaces? Would that be valuable to you? On April 1, you no longer have to ask “what if.”

The Human Lawyer: Jordan Abshire

Jordan Abshire is the counterpoint to the perception that lawyers have a binary existence. Jordan illustrates the danger of “camping” people. Yes, he’s a lawyer. No, he’s not a transactional attorney. Not a litigator either. No, he didn’t flame out. Yes, he works in legal recruiting. But that’s really only the tip of the iceberg. Jordan’s path, his career, and the life he lives are a challenge to find your passion then push your limits. Be inspired by him and his story, in his words.

The Human Lawyer: Elizabeth Goodwin

Elizabeth Goodwin is equal parts lawyer, political organizer, and community builder. She’s had her own law practice, where she supported other small firm lawyers in their law practices, and she's helped newly-minted lawyers find their way in their law practices. While she lives in Charlotte, her primary hustle is at Wake Forest University School of Law. Enjoy Elizabeth’s story, in her words!