lawyer coworking + law practice management + legal tech = your firm, elevated.


CoLaw = lawyer coworking + law practice management + legal tech. What’s the point? To empower solo and small firm lawyers by freeing them to spend more time doing the thing that makes them money—practicing law. Leveraging disruptive legal technologies, we help our subscribers actually use technology solutions to drive efficiency. Because we believe technology’s true value is not what a developer claims it can do, rather it’s about how you use the solution to make things easier.


What We Do.

We start with space—focusing on a more economical and intentional use of space for law firms. Then we focus on law practice management and legal tech. In short, we make running your law firm easier.

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A blog featuring attorneys doing human things because attorneys are humans too.

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We are not a law firm.

Rather, we’re a platform for independents, empowering independence.